Video Wisconsin
Corporate Video Production
For more than 35 years, video and film production has been the cornerstone of what we do. From our humble beginnings, Video Wisconsin has grown into one of the largest production facilities in the Midwest.

With some of the most talented names in the business and a passion for every aspect of video/film production we are as at home on our 40' x 60' sound stage as we are on location in boardrooms, retail outlets, street corners or beaches. We’re comfortable hanging out of airplanes, on boats, in lobbies, backyards and the middle of nowhere or just about anywhere else you can think of.

Video Wisconsin's experienced staff provides the full realm of services from location scouting, talent casting and script blocking, to equipment services including lighting, grip, dolly, crane and aerials.

Video formats including Digi Beta and Beta SP? Well, of course.

Film formats including 35mm and 16mm? Check!

HD and 24p? Absolutely!
Video Wisconsin is up to the task for Milwaukee Corporate Video Production!